I. date date 1 [deɪt] written abbreviation d noun [countable]
1. the words you use to talk about a particular day, month, and year:

• The date on the letter was 30 June 2006.

ˌaverage ˈdate also ˌaverage due ˈdate FINANCE
a date when several payments which are owed to the same person are made, which is usually about halfway between the date that the first payment should be made and the date that the last payment should be made
the last day of a company's financial year:

• The value of the insurance group has risen from just over £2 billion in 1999 to twice that at last balance date.

ˌbest-ˈbefore date COMMERCE
a date printed on containers of food or drink and some other products that shows when they will be too old to eat, drink, or use:

• Suppliers should put a best-before date on the boxes of test kits with a specific shelf life.

ˈclosing date
the last date when it is possible to do something, especially to send something to an organization :

• The closing date for applications is 7 December 2007.

comˈpletion date
1. COMMERCE a date when something will be finished, especially the date when a new building, road etc will be finished according to a contract:

• The completion date for the stadium is August 13th.

2. LAW PROPERTY the date when the ownership of a property legally passes from one person to another
deˈlivery date
1. COMMERCE TRANSPORT the date that has been arranged for goods to be delivered:

• The delivery date for the second cargo has already passed.

2. COMMERCE the date that a new product will be available:

• IBM didn't quote a price or delivery date for these systems.

3. FINANCE the date when a security must be handed over, for example in futures:

• The delivery date for the futures contracts is the 30th June.

drop-ˈdead date informal
a date by which it is very important that you have done or completed something, because after this date it is no longer worth doing or completing:

• The original drop-dead date is June 23, but if all parties agree, there could be an extension.

the date by which an amount of money must be paid, a document received etc:

• The loan wasn't paid on its Sept. 7 due date.

• Taxpayers have until the due date of the tax return to make these arrangements.

efˈfective ˌdate
the date on which a new law, agreement, contract, or system becomes effective:

• The integration of NCR with AT&T's computer operations should be completed well in advance of the effective date of the merger.

expiˈration ˌdate especially AmE also exˈpiry date
1. the date when an agreement or offer legally or officially ends:

• The April 8 expiration date for the purchase offers remains unchanged.

• the expiration date of Blum's contract

2. FINANCE the last date when it is possible to exercise an option or warrant:

• The corporation has extended for one year the expiration date of its 2,111,006 public warrants outstanding.

3. COMMERCE the last date that a product, especially food, should be sold; = Sell-By-Date Bre
maˈturity ˌdate FINANCE
the date on which a bond is to be repaid or an investment agreement ends and a payment is made:

• The debentures carried a 14% interest rate with a 2012 maturity date.

off-ˈsale date COMMERCE
the date when a business selling newspapers and magazines calculates the amount sold and reports this to the wholesaler
ˈprompt date COMMERCE
FINANCE the date for delivery of a commodity (= oil, metal, farm product etc ) in a futures contract (= agreement to deliver a commodity at a date in the future )
ˈpull date COMMERCE
the last date that a product, especially food, should be sold; = expiration date
ˈrecord date FINANCE
the date when a shareholder must possess shares in order to receive a related dividend or vote at a meeting of shareholders:

• The board set a record date of Jan 11 for an annual shareholders meeting on Feb 14.

reˈdemption date FINANCE
another name for maturity date
ˈsell-by date COMMERCE
the last date that a product, especially food, should be sold; = expiration date AmE; EXPIRY DATE:

• Some wine merchants have been selling the champagne past its sell-by date.

ˈsettlement date
1. FINANCE the day when investors must pay for shares etc they have agreed to buy, often three working days after the original agreement; =account day:

• The first dividend consists of the interest accrued (= gained ) from the settlement date to the first payment date.

2. LAW COMMERCE the day when property or goods are sold and they legally belong to the buyer; = COMPLETION DATE:

• The contract allows the vendor (= person selling something ) to withdraw any time up to and including the settlement date.

ˈuse-by date COMMERCE
the last date that a product, especially food, should be used:

• Check the use-by date on the packet.

2. after date FINANCE the words written on a bill of exchange to show that the bill can be paid a particular period of time after the date on the bill — see also year to date
  [m0] II. date date 2 verb [transitive]
to write the date on a letter or cheque:

• In a letter dated 1st August 1999, the inspector said he would need to examine the company's accounts.

— see also ante-date, post-date

* * *

date UK US /deɪt/ noun [C]
a particular day of a particular month, shown in numbers, or words and numbers: »

""What date is the next meeting?"" ""It's Thursday, October 1st.""


The Danish government has set a date for a referendum on the matter.


The decision on the merger will be taken at a later date .

to date — Cf. to date
See also AFTER DATE(Cf. ↑after date), AVERAGE DATE(Cf. ↑average date), BEST-BEFORE DATE(Cf. ↑best-before date), CLOSING DATE(Cf. ↑closing date), COMPLETION DATE(Cf. ↑completion date), DELIVERY DATE(Cf. ↑delivery date), DROP-DEAD DATE(Cf. ↑drop-dead date), DUE DATE(Cf. ↑due date), EFFECTIVE DATE(Cf. ↑effective date), EXPIRATION DATE(Cf. ↑expiration date), EXPIRY DATE(Cf. ↑expiry date), MATURITY DATE(Cf. ↑maturity date), PROMPT DATE(Cf. ↑prompt date), PULL DATE(Cf. ↑pull date), RECORD DATE(Cf. ↑record date), REDEMPTION DATE(Cf. ↑redemption date), SELL-BY DATE(Cf. ↑sell-by date), SETTLEMENT DATE(Cf. ↑settlement date), USE-BY DATE(Cf. ↑use-by date), YEAR TO DATE(Cf. ↑year to date)
date UK US /deɪt/ verb [T]
to put a particular day's date on something: »

The demand must be dated and signed by the creditor.


I write with reference to your letter dated 30 March.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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